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Destination Point Technician specializes on the installation of Stretch Ceiling

  • Offices
  • Commercial and industrial halls.
  • Bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, hallways.
  • Swimming pools, sports complexes.
  • Hotels, restaurants, lobbies, conference rooms.
  • Shopping Centres / Retail Stores
  • Salons / Lounges
  • Exhibition Halls

Installation of Stretch Ceiling in Offices

Surely for your workspace, you wish to have the best false ceiling designs, for your prospective clients, when they get into your office you want them to be astonished and interested into your business, by the moment you guide them into a meeting room and sit down to talk about the next agreement you are expecting to close when they look up and see a beautiful scenario installed, either some image of the clear sky to project the vision or a good lighting system to feel welcomed.

We can do this for you, even adopting the logo for your company to be displayed on the stretch ceiling.

Also the installation of specific light panels above the desks of your employees to provide a better illumination from which they can work clearly and without affecting their sight by forcing it for lack of light, also if your company is set at the highest point of a building we can provide an installation that can give you access to natural light during the daytime, so you get to save money on the electric bills that we all know are high in office environments for all energy consume from the equipment and lights.

Installation of Stretch Ceiling in Commercial and industrial halls

In case you own a building or a commerce and you need the halls to be with the proper balance between illumination and decoration there is no doubt that we can make it for you, you will have lots of guests for sure therefore for security protocols and image you must provide the area of a proper illumination and be the entry gate to what will be presented afterward.

In terms of design, there is no design we can’t make, geometrical to provide depth to space and an embossment, reflective with color and special light set up are among the common procedures done in spaces like this.

Also minimalistic installations with a plain and simple design, classic retroes like the style and others in which decorations like lamps can be attached in order to give a more stylish outlook for the environment depending on the type of ceiling design for hall and theme related to the area in which is located.

Taking all these details into consideration in case you don’t have a clear idea, within our section of Commercial Hall in the gallery you will be able to see all the projects in which the details mentioned above have been put in place for our clients.

Installation of Stretch Ceiling in bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, hallways

When it comes to the areas of the place you live there is no doubt you will be looking for peaceful and properly illuminated sections, also specific parts like the bathroom which will be used by those who visit you are supposed to give not only a hygienic outlook of your environment but also warmly welcome in an intimate way.

Surrounding your hot tub, shower and sink with special designs that you feel identified will give a touch your guests will never forget.

Said memories can start by giving the ceiling of your hallways and your living room the right touch, you won’t have to worry about the installation of lamps and fixtures because we can design the ceiling you want with those included so there is no downside, all the space will look amazing just as you dream, no matter how crazy the idea may seem, color tones and shapes, reflective and plain, we got it.

Finally when all your guests have gone and you go to your resting chamber, the second you jump into your bed and look up, that night sky design you always wanted will be there to help you sleep and close the amazing evening.

Installation of Stretch Ceiling in swimming pools and sports complexes

Indoor sports and fitness activities are more common now than ever before, for those that own either a gym or space in their property in which they do the daily workout, the ceiling is a key factor, who wants to do exercise with a boring white ceiling above their heads? You don’t need to sacrifice style just because is indoor, actually, it is an opportunity to have yourself or those who use the area motivated to reach their fitness goals.

In case of swimming pools, you won’t need to worry about the effect of the chlorine on the environment of said area and the humidity levels, our stretch ceiling installation is done with the best PVC false ceiling that will ensure there won’t be damage caused to your beautiful design.

We have worked with so many types of swimming pool areas and sports complexes, from small to big ones, with minimalistic and ornamental styles, the possibilities of adaptation for our client’s needs have made us the best false ceiling design in the market.

Our sturdy installation won’t struggle with elements of indoor sports like ball hitting or breaks, fixtures can be installed from the false ceiling to be used, is just a matter of trusting us with your idea to be developed without thinking if it will last or not, our previous projects and the quality we have talked for itself and for us.

Installation of Stretch Ceiling in Hotels, restaurants, lobbies, conference rooms.

Restaurants and hotels are known to have (in most cases) fancy and decorative environments to satisfy glamorous clients, having walls, curtains, tables and furniture with details and colors that you don’t see regularly in places like commercial or residential buildings, which provide comfortable sensations to those who are around it, either enjoying a relaxing evening or eating for a special occasion, no doubt that what is above their head must be in harmony with the elements that are around them, the fixture installed are not only the key factor but the ceiling itself is a main thing.

Same thing happens in lobbies and conference rooms, what is above the head of those who visit those areas either to listen someone talk about their favorite topic or do some network around wouldn’t flow the right way if the safety feeling a good stretch ceiling provides wouldn’t exist, design and illumination are key factors when it comes to close deals, learning more about a topic or just chatting with that prospect client.

No matter how big the room is or how high that ceiling is, we will for sure do the right work for you and your clients to feel proud of attending your place.

Installation of Stretch Ceiling in Shopping Centers / Retail Stores

Ceilings in commercial areas like shopping centers or stores tend to go unseen by those who walk around looking for the perfect gift or want to relax and enjoy by doing some shopping, yet this is a chance for you to highlight said section of the property and outstand the competitors, there is no doubt on how important a good looking ceiling is for an indoor area, more if it’s related to commerce.

In Destination Point we care about our client’s success, that’s why no matter how big the project is or how eccentric to outstand it may seem we will take care of it, your success is ours too, therefore don’t hesitate to count with our team to be part of your growth, we will gladly do all that it takes for it to be the best, the stretch ceiling installation that your space will have for sure will count with the best sturdy material and fireproof covering so you won’t worry even for fire risk.

Fixtures and special designs are our things, special themes, and colors or light schemes that fit the idea you have in mind will be deployed in your property and you will see how the number of visitors will increase just for the fact of having an extra thing in your structure that many underestimate.

Installation of Stretch Ceiling in Salons / Lounges

As it happens in your home hallways and in shopping centers, mostly all indoor areas been must take care of, for those who walk through it, by those who own it, salons and lounges are no exception even if the time people are in them is not as long as other indoor sections, these are areas in which people should relax and sit down to enjoy a good talk and even develop creative ideas, but no idea will flow with the wrong ceiling above their heads.

The installation of stretch ceiling done by us will guarantee two things, first: don’t worry about the installation of fixtures, our sturdy PVC material allows the elaboration of designs that will fit all the fixtures you have in mind is the key thing about being able to work with the best materials in the market.

Second: Don’t worry about the lights, we can set the illumination as you wish, either using extra panels, reflective and even if your lounge is located on the rooftop we will be able to elaborate designs form which you can take advantage of daily light and its benefits.
Either way, you can see our previous projects for each type of area in our gallery after this believe us, you won’t doubt about Destination Point.

Installation of Stretch Ceiling in Exhibition Halls

When we talk about exhibition halls, the first thing that comes into mind is to expose something to a public; therefore it must be interesting right? From the moment they walk in, they should be into what is being exposed but first, everyone will give a look to the venue the exhibition is being held, when they look up they should be amazed by the colors and the fixtures the ceiling offers and how that? With the stretch ceiling from Destination Point, even spooky designs can be done (check out our gallery to see that scary creature on one of the projects) or even specific shapes to highlight either the logo brand or a concept in particular.

Also, you want to provide a safe environment, our fireproof PVC will ensure that no risk of having the roof become a hazard section of the property, not everything is beauty and fancy look, we care for our clients and so we do for their clients too.

Over years 10 in the market of stretch ceiling installation and a huge amount of clients satisfied talk for us, just contact us and the ceiling of your dreams will become real.