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Destination Point Ceiling Constructing is a Stretch Ceiling Company

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Destination Point ceiling constructing is a stretch ceiling company established since 2005 and in 2016 set up in UAE to deliver the new idea of design, 3d ceiling design and best experience for the Middle East Region and Africa.


To deliver technical innovation, interior design ceiling, create new ideas and make installation with good skills and design.

Destination Point Management has experience in Europe countries. Good education and creative vision our team will help you to have the best idea for your design.

All process control by management stuff from the beginning till the end.

Destination Point Technician specializes in the installation of Stretch Ceiling, PVC stretch ceiling and has a good background to make work clean and fast with good quality service and care about maintenance.

Professional Interior Design Ceiling in Dubai

Destination Point we are always moving forward when it comes to innovation, the idea of working on new projects, which each one highlights its differences from others, allowed us to keep up the pace with modernization in terms of finishes and design, this is why features as heating, ventilation, light sets and more can be added maintaining the product in the form it was made over the course of the years without any worry of losing it.

Safety first the fireproof stretch ceiling will not put in danger your life or the lives of those who will be under the protection of it, hypoallergenic meaning that it can be used in medical facilities and spaces with children like bedrooms or schools, moist and temperature won’t be an issue, throughout the years we have been in the business the proof of this can be checked with our recurring clients who also recognize the value and the reference to others of our client-focused vision.

As a client you won’t have to worry about the time frame set for the project to be done, we can assure it will be fast and under the deadlines set, therefore you will be avoiding issues of delay which can affect the opening of spaces in areas of commerce that can lead to money loss too.

In our gallery section, you will be able to verify our Stretch Ceiling installations by looking at the designs made for our clients, so if you have an idea and we will execute it and if you don’t have it we will build it together with you to provide the right project for your need s regardless how crazy it may seem, our main goal is to give you the satisfaction of making your ideal ceiling become a reality.

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